LMMP – Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal

Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal

Portal UI Version rc 1 Public Site
Need Flash Player 10x

Overall : 
OS : Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Solaris 9.x, MacOS 10.x
Memory : 1G RAM
Flash Player : 10.x
Internet Browser : Firefox 3.x, Chrome 6.x, Safari 4.x 5.x, IE 7.x
Graphics : 24bit, 1024 x 768

Portal UI : 
Flash Player enabled Internet Browser

LunarMapper : 
Javascript enabled Internet Browser

Java Virtual Machine 1.6

The BROWSE tab will open the view of the Moon where you can do searches.

The HELP tab will take you to the LMMP Wiki

General Navigation

Click and Drag the Map to PAN around. Double-Click a point to ZOOM into that location by 1 Zoom Level. If your mouse has a wheel, scrolling up and down on the wheel will adjust the zoom level as well. Your last ZOOM option is to use the slider in the upper left of the portal.

The TOOL tab will take you to a page where you can down load the Java application where you can then do work on your own computer.  It will need to be connected to the Internet to down load images from different missions when needed to complete a view.

See the information on ILIADS

Integrated Lunar Information Architecture for Decision Support (ILIADS) is a lunar GIS that executes on a user-provided laptop or desk side computer. ILIADS supports 3D visualizations of the lunar surface, a suite of quantitative analysis tools, and analysis functions that can be invoked by user-developed scripts.

You will need to download the ILIADS software from the Portal TOOLS tab. Click on the .exe file that downloads to extract the software from the downloaded file. You will need Administrative privileges to successfully install the software.

Use the quick start guide (ILIADS_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf) to lead you through a hands-on overview of ILIADS capabilities. An ILIADS movie is also available (Iliads_LMMP_Demo.mov) to provide a demonstration of capabilities. There is also a preliminary user’s guide available (ILIADS_Release1_UsersGuide.pdf). This user’s guide will be updated for the next release of ILIADS.

ILIADS_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf (1.3 MB) Admin, LMMP, 03/25/2011 03:34 PM EDT

Iliads_LMMP_Demo.mov (221.1 MB) Admin, LMMP, 03/28/2011 12:50 PM EDT

ILIADS_Release1_Public_UsersGuide.pdf (10.5 MB) Admin, LMMP, 04/14/2011 03:37 PM EDT

Also available in: HTML TXT

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