W.W.W. MOON? The Why, What and When of a Permanent Manned Lunar Colony

This title is from Maurizio Morabito’s Blogs way back in 2006.

As it happened I was checking out the web for problems in establishing a Lunar Colony and ran across one of my old blogs where Maurizio Morabito had made a comment.

Check out Maurizio’s archived blog and read taking note of his reference links at the end of the blog.

It had been earlier presented at the Human Future and Space Symposium – 28 Apr 2004 – The British Interplanetary Society

(an edited version has been published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 58, No. 3/4 March/April 2005, pp 131-137)

The aim of this presentation is to define the basic reasons, means and timescale for the establishment of a permanent, manned lunar settlement. Going beyond a review of the vast existing literature on the subject, the underlying goal is a call into action (=launches) to all people and organisations involved and interested in the exploration and use of the Moon:
· the BIS
· the Planetary Society
· all Moon-related Societies (such as the Artemis Society)
· every single Lunar and Planetary scientist and
· for reasons that frankly should be obvious to everyone, also the Mars Society


So I woke up this morning and it is April 15, 2017 and we aren’t building on the Moon, YET. 🙂

What did I say was needed to grow in the mind?


I am looking for more recent articles and I see that authors are still publishing and providing the WHAT is needed.  Not so sure on the WHEN it will happen and that is why I think we need ways to unleash the “MEME”  = THE MOON IS OUR NEXT INHABITED PLANET,

Paul Spudis of “The Once and Future MOON” has a blog that emphasis going to the Moon first and NOT Mars, to the point that some  say is repetitious and one sided.  His newer books are sometimes reviewed with that view as well.  That said, I think there are good points covered so here is the link to the blog and a YouTube presentation that is very clear and informative.  Have a look see.




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