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The European Space Agency (ESA) posted 3 May 2017 an article about making 3D Bricks from a lunar Simulant. 3 May 2017 Bricks have been 3D printed out of simulated moondust using concentrated sunlight – proving in principle that … Continue reading

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Base Construction Material

Whether we go to Mars or the Moon, if we expect to build up a base it will be to our advantage to be able to use the materials we find there. Even if we use the initial lander or … Continue reading

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Looking for ways to make it easy to assist in propagating the MEME: = THE MOON IS OUR NEXT INHABITED PLANET. NASA has over the years done more to put their face in front of the general public. Back when the … Continue reading

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Moon 101 Lecture Series

Back in 2010 I looked at the Moon 101 Lecture Series that was given in 2008. It is a very good starting point to look at the Moon and as mentioned in the lecture, we now have additional data … Continue reading

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Site Selection for Lunar Industrialization, Economic Development, and Settlement ——————————————————————————- This title and link are from Dennis Wingo’s WordPress web site and is the same title of his paper that can be bought from New Space on line source.  Since I don’t have a subscription I appreciate being … Continue reading

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Humans LIVING on the Moon by ????

Humans LIVING on the Moon by — Aaah that is the question. Since I am 79, I thought we would be doing more with the Apollo missions, more after the Lunar Prospector mission found indications of water at the Lunar … Continue reading

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Cislunar Space: The Next 30 Years

Cislunar Space: The Next 30 Years United Launch Alliance has a vision. By Paul D. Spudis AIRSPACEMAG.COM FEBRUARY 22, 2017 Read more: Up to speed and thinking about the future, United Launch Alliance (ULA), the amalgam of Boeing and … Continue reading

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